What We Offer

Your organization’s core mission is critical, but the underlying technology that supports it may not be. That’s where we come in so that you concentrate on your core business.

By outsourcing your IT department to us, don’t have to spend time recruiting, hiring, or training IT staff. This enables you to pay only for the coverage or services you need and avoids the associated costs that come with maintaining full-time employees.

Service Overview

We bill on a flat-rate, subscription model, making your IT expenditures easy to budget while reducing
hidden costs and promoting IT expense planning.

We proactively run reporting and monitoring tools that detect issues early and pinpoint problems before
they cause downtime, which ultimately costs you money.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We help businesses to maintain critical functions after an emergency or disruption. We carry out regular system backups and service restoration in case of failures.

Helpdesk Support

Our support tickets platform helps users to troubleshoot problems, track their issues, and get assistance regarding reported problem.

Server Administration & Management

We maintain and monitor your server performing software updates and patches for optimal performance.

Network Support

We administer and manage your cabled network, wireless access points as well as the accompanying infrastructure.

Hardware & Software Support

We carry out regular servicing of computers, servers, printers as well as software upgrades and patches for efficient running of IT equipment.

Email Administration

We build and maintain email platforms for our clients running on Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra as well gsuite and cpanel hosted platforms.

Our Partners